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We are a creative design studio.

We design experiences, create brands and produce results.

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We are artists, communicators and teachers. We are storytellers. We are a design think tank.

We are the Wizdom Collective.

Wizdom Media is a full-service graphic design agency and highly specialized service provider. The three milestones – design, create, produce – define our proven creative process.

The Wizdom creative team is lean and mean, focused and fun. We are original, responsive and attentive to our clients' needs. We have common goals, varied strengths and a strong belief that design should reflect and better the world around us while challenging the status quo.

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Effective design disrupts the commonplace and influences the course of events.

Good design is not a luxury. It is a necessity – for commercial consumption, human interest and effective broadcast. From the split second visual impact of a well-crafted logo to the all-consuming experience of an engaging large scale exhibit, we fuse exciting designs with well-researched data. The entire Wizdom team, from designers to developers, defines and adheres to specific, measurable goals throughout the design process.

  • capital bikeshare Social Media Graphics

    Graphics for Milestones and Events

    Client: Capital Bikeshare

  • HQUIN Playbill, Website

    Playbill layout and website design

    Client: HQUIN

  • City of Rahway Event Collateral

    Collateral for City Events

    Client: City of Rahway

  • Siemens Diagnostics Exhibition

    AACC Booth Graphics

    Client: Siemens Diagnostics

Recent Works:
What Wizdom's up to.

In an ever increasingly busy world, it can be hard to break away and take a moment to reflect. This section serves as a visual update of what we have been doing at Wizdom. The projects vary in format and content, which is just the way we like it. Take a minute to give it a look.

  • Blum's Chocolate Packaging

    Package Design

    Client: Blum's Chocolate

  • Siemens Government Collateral

    Brochures, Challenge Coins

    Client: Siemens Government Technologies

  • Ember Fireplaces Branding & Collateral

    Identity, Website, Vehicle Wrap

    Client: Ember Fireplaces

  • Swirl Whirl Branding & Collateral

    Logo, Website, Packaging

    Client: Swirl Whirl Yogurt Buffet

  • Red Bank Radiology Branding & Collateral

    Logo, Website, Brochure, Ads

    Client: Red Bank Radiology

  • Skye Consulting Branding & Collateral

    Logo, Website

    Client: Skye Consulting

  • Works7 Community Campaign

    Logo, Collateral, Video & Motion Graphics, Event Exhibit

    Client: Rahway's Own

  • Ehartmannlaw.com Website

    Website Design & Development

    Client: Evelyn M. Hartmann, Esq

  • Rahway Review Tabloid Publication

    Identity, Page Layout

    Client: City of Rahway

Integrated Design for Print, Web and Multimedia.

Your identity and collateral should act as a mirror, reflecting your many well-lit angles. Color palettes. Textures. Styles. Typography. Imagery. Brand elements. From the split-second visual impact of a well – crafted logo to the cohesive design mechanisms, the look should reflect your brand – fresh & engaging.

  • Siemens EBC Room Corporate Interior

    Executive Briefing Center Design

    Client: Siemens Healthcare

  • POP Arthive Window Retail Window Display

    Pardon Our Appearance Art Crawl/Rahway Art Hive

    Client: City of Rahway

  • FPO Siemens 1 Exhibition

    Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) Booth Graphics

    Client: Siemens Healthcare AG

  • Swirl Whirl Retail Environment

    Interior & Exterior Design

    Client: Swirl Whirl Yogurt Buffet

  • Mountainview Facility Corporate Interior

    Facility-wide Interior Design

    Client: Siemens Healthcare

  • Spaces9 Event Branding

    Rahway Taste of Spring

    Client: Rahway Arts District

  • AACC 13 Siemens Exhibition

    AACC Booth Graphics

    Client: Siemens Diagnostics

  • POP Bakery Window Window Display

    Pardon Our Appearance Art Crawl

    Client: City of Rahway

  • FPO Siemens 2 Exhibition

    Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) Booth Graphics

    Client: Siemens Healthcare AG

The Art of the Plan.

Just as a home is constructed using master plans, environmental design is created from well - strategized blueprints. The location, materials, look and message are designed with maximum impact in mind – a successful combination of form & function.

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Art + Technology

A brand in motion stays in motion

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 30 second spot is worth about 899,100 words. From background footage for corporate parties to online web series to medical training videos, we use motion and video to tell a wide range of stories for both ourselves and our clients. Our team is ready to bring your ideas to the screen whether for web, live events, exhibits, broadcast or in-house presentations.

Drop us a line at info@wizdommedia.com to discuss your story..

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We like each other. You'll like us, too..

To learn more about Wizdom, discuss an upcoming project or get in on our "greatest guitarist" debate, give us a call at 732-340-0666 or drop us a line at info@wizdommedia.com.

Et Cetera...
The place for the random bits we think, love, photograph, experience & create.

Rahway's Winter Wonderland 2015

“Walking in Rahway's Winter Wonderland…”

Hometown holiday season spirit was on full display in downtown Rahway for this year's Winter Wonderland. Thousands of people crowded the streets, enjoying the live entertainment and multitude of activities. Like good little elves, Wizdom very much enjoyed tinkered in our “branding workshop” to create all the graphics for the day's events. Whether it was signage, maps or collateral, much eggnog and candy canes were consumed in the process.